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Parchem Construction Supplies

Technical Data/SDS

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Adhesive 901
Aegis MSP
Avista Colour Oxide
Avista Colour Stain
Avista Concrete Patch Repair Compound 0-10mm
Avista Concrete Patch Repair Compound 3- 40mm
Avista Concrete Sealer 2 Pack Urethane
Avista Concrete Sealer Colour Tint
Avista Concrete Sealer Exposed Aggregate
Avista Concrete Sealer Extended Wear
Avista Concrete Sealer General Purpose
Avista Concrete Sealer Matt
Avista Concrete Sealer Primer
Avista Concrete Sealer Slip Reducing Additive
Avista Concrete Sealer Stripper
Avista Concrete Sealer Tintable Base
Avista Concrete Sealer Tyre Mark Remover
Avista Concrete Sealer Waterbased
Avista Crack Repair Kit
Avista Decorative Flakes
Avista Hydrochloric Acid
Avista Integral Colour Oxide
Avista Internal Flooring Colour Tint
Avista Internal Flooring Epoxy Resin
Avista Internal Flooring Waterbased Epoxy Resin
Avista Polyurethane Sealer
Avista Resurfacing Accelerator
Avista Resurfacing Base Compound
Avista Resurfacing Coloured Compound
Avista Resurfacing Primer
Avista Slip Reducing Additive Crushed Glass
Avista Solvent
Avista Waterbased Colour Tint
Avista Wet Concrete Colour Hardener
Avista Wet Concrete Liquid Release Agent
Avista Wet Concrete Powder Release Agent
Avista Wet Concrete Surface Retarder
Bond Breaker Tape
Builders Film
Cemtop GP Advanced
Cemtop XD
Circular Spacers
Clear Base Sealer
Clear Seam Sealer
Colour Dispersant
Colour-Thru Exterior Coloured Sealer
Colpor 200PF
Combination Bar Chairs
Conbextra C
Conbextra CB
Conbextra Deep Pour
Conbextra EP10
Conbextra EP120
Conbextra EP300 DP
Conbextra EP65 Plus
Conbextra EP935
Conbextra GP
Conbextra Grout Aggregate
Conbextra HES
Conbextra HF
Conbextra HS
Conbextra UW
Concrete Fibre Spacers - Bar
Concrete Fibre Spacers - Single
Concrete Stamp Mats - Various
Concrete Stencil Patterns - Various
Concure A99
Concure AV
Concure B90
Concure CR
Concure Eco
Concure HR90
Concure P
Concure WB30
Concure X90
Conduit and Cones
Confoot Ferrules
Conlift Aluminium Conditioner
Conlift Aluminium Seasoner
Conlift Bond Breaker Water Based
Conlift Grout
Conlift Patch
Conlift Solvent Based Precast Steel Form Release
Conlift Waterbased Steel Form Release
Conseal CS231
Construction Adhesive
Construction Grout
Coolroom Mastic
Covacrete NXTGEN
Cover-Tex Base
Deck Chairs
Dekguard Clear
Dekguard E2000
Dekguard Elastic
Dekguard O
Dekguard Primer
Dekguard S
Delay Coating
Diamond Dowels
Double Ended Ferrules
Dowel Cradles
Ductseal SB
Ductseal WB
Duraflex FC
Durafloor Anti Slip Grains
Durafloor Colour Pack
Durafloor Colour Pack - Safety Yellow
Durafloor FC
Durafloor Grit - Coarse and Medium
Durafloor Grit - Fine
Durafloor HD
Durafloor HD-S System
Durafloor HP
Durafloor HS
Durafloor Level Prime
Durafloor Levelbase
Durafloor Leveltop
Durafloor Leveltop Rapid
Durafloor M
Durafloor N (Novolac)
Durafloor PU
Durafloor SL
Durafloor SLX
Durafloor SR
Durafloor TF (Trowel Floor)
Durafloor V Anti-Skid
Durafloor X
Duratex Modifier
Duratex Modifier SS
Earth Shield TPV-TPER
Edgelift Anchors
Edgelift Clutches
Emer-Acrylic Sealer
Emer-Clad Fabric Reinforcing Tape
Emer-Clad Facade
Emer-Clad Firecheck
Emer-Coat Clear Sealer
Emer-Gard Primer Type 2
Emer-Proof Primer Porous
Emer-Proof 750
Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced
Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Landscape
Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Quick Dry
Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Undertile
Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Vapour Control
Emer-Proof Drain V
Emer-Proof EJB Tape
Emer-Proof Geotex
Emer-Proof HD
Emer-Proof HDPE
Emer-Proof Non-Porous Primer
Emer-Proof Self Adhesive Primer
Emer-Proof Tilebond Flex
Emer-Proof Top Coat Extended Wear
Emer-Proof Top Coat UV Protect
Emer-Seal 200
Emer-Seal Construction Silicone
Emer-Seal Construction Silicone HM
Emer-Seal Construction Silicone HM FC
Emer-Seal CR
Emer-Seal MS
Emer-Seal PU25
Emer-Seal PU40
Emer-Seal Roadseal
Emer-Seal Roadseal SL
Emer-Stop Creme
Emer-Stop S100N
Expoband 110
Eye Anchors
Fast Clip Mesh Support
Fast Clip on Bar Chairs
Fauxtex 2L Colour Tints
Fauxtex Multi-Mix Colour Hardener
Ferrule Support Chairs
Flamex One
Flamex PU
Foot Anchors
Foot and Eye Anchor Clutches
Form Release Agent
Fosroc Expandafoam Closed Cell
Fosroc Expandafoam Open Cell
Fosroc Proofex Protection Board PP
Galvanised Slipjoint
Galvanode DAS
Galvanode DAS Marine
Galvashield CC
Galvashield LJ
Galvashield XP Range
Gap Filler
Guncrete E
Hilastic 44
Hilastic 66
Hilastic 88
Hydrocor Type 2
Hydrocor Type 3 - Type 106
Index Argo P
Index Autotene Asfaltico EP
Index Autotene Base P
Index Bitumen Primer
Index Defend H
Index Fidia and Fidia Mineral
Index Mineral Design 10P Checkerboard
Index Modo P
Index Proteaduo P
Index Rollbase
Index Testudo 30
Index Testudo and Testudo Mineral
Index Vapordiffuser
Intatone Colour Stain
Intersection Chairs
Liquid Nails Direct Stick
Liquid Nails Direct Stick LF
Liquid Nails Direct Stick Remover
Liquid Nails FlexiStik
Liquid Nails Timberflex
Liquid Nails VBS Vapour Barrier
Lustreseal Coloured Sealer Tints TDS
Lustreseal Extended Wear Plus
Lustreseal Matt Finish Sealer
Lustreseal Waterbased Acrylic Sealer
Mastershield M50
Mastershield M90
Mastershield M90MV
Mastertone Aqueous Tints
Metal Dowel Covers
Nitobond AR
Nitobond EP
Nitobond HAR
Nitobond SBR
Nitocote EP405
Nitocote EP410
Nitocote EP500
Nitocote PUR
Nitocote PUR Primer
Nitocote PUR Steel Primer
Nitocote SN502
Nitofill LV
Nitofill PU130
Nitofill PU150
Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains
Nitoflor FC100
Nitoflor FC120 HB
Nitoflor FC130
Nitoflor Sicaltop
Nitomortar 903
Nitomortar 908
Nitomortar AP
Nitomortar BH
Nitomortar EL
Nitomortar EL-HB
Nitomortar F4 Fillers
Nitoprime DG
Nitoprime Zincrich
Nitoseal MB175
Ovatone Liquid Release Agent
Panel Accessories
Panel Chairs
Patchroc C
Patchroc GP
Plastic Bottom Deck Spacer
Pod Spacers and Rail
Polyurea WCS Gun Grade
Powdered Release Agent
Powers AC100 PRO
Powers AC100e
Powers KF2
Powers PF PRO
Powers V12
Preco Bondbreaker
Preco Form Creme
Preco H
Preco RWB
Preco V
Primer 10
Primer 11
Primer 13
Primer 21
Primer 4
Primer 6
Primer 7
Primer 9
Products Coming Soon
Proofex Engage
Proofex Sheetdrain 81
PVC Keyjoint Former
Reebol WB
Renderoc BB
Renderoc FC
Renderoc G
Renderoc HB
Renderoc HB25
Renderoc HB40
Renderoc HB50
Renderoc HB70
Renderoc LA55
Renderoc LA55 Plus
Renderoc LA55 Rapid
Renderoc Rapid
Rocket Chairs
Roundbar Ferrules
Safe Lifting and Installation
Sealer Prep (Tyre Mark Remover)
Selleys Acryseal
Selleys ArmourFlex
Selleys Blockade
Selleys Butyl Mastic
Selleys ColourFlex
Selleys D-Mastic
Selleys Fireblock
Selleys Fireblock PB
Selleys Fireblock XT
Selleys Liquid Nails
Selleys N-Mastic
Selleys Permasil 626
Selleys Point Works Gen II
Selleys Point Works Gen II Accelerant Spray
Selleys Point Works Gen II Retardant Spray
Selleys ProSeries Flexiseal
Selleys Silicone 401
Selleys SolarFlex
SewperCoat Dry Spray
SewperCoat Flowable
SewperCoat Wet Spray
SOG Bar Chairs
Solvent 10
Super Rib
Supercast PVC Waterstops
Superswell 47B
Thioflex 600 Gun Grade
Thioflex 600 Pouring Grade
Top Deck Spacer Base
Top Deck Spacers
Torch on Accessories
Trench Mesh Support
Vandex BB75-Z
Vandex BB75E-Z
Vandex Cemelast
Vandex Concrete Grey
Vandex Construction Joint Tape
Vandex Plug
Vandex Uni-Mortar 1-Z
Zemdrain MD
Zemdrain MD Self Adhesive
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