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Emer-Proof Top Coat Extended Wear

Emer-Proof Top Coat Extended Wear

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Solvent free aliphatic polyurethane clear sealer

Emer-Proof Top Coat Extended Wear  is a solvent free aliphatic polyurethane sealer designed for use over Emer-Proof Top Coat UV Protect to improve stain resistance and scuff marks associated with pedestrian foot traffic. Emer-Proof Top Coat Extended Wear exhibits excellent UV resistance and durability.

Emer-Proof Top Coat Extended Wear is compatible over Emer-Proof Top Coat UV Protect. Initial semi-gloss finish will form after application. This will diminish after 10-14 days to a matt finish.


Sealing over Emer-Proof Top Coat UV Protect coating to improve stain resistance, durability and weathering properties

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