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Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced

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Highly flexible Class III, polyurethane waterproofing membrane

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced is a solvent free polyurethane membrane designed for a wide range of waterproofing applications in the built environment.

This single component membrane offers high performance elastomeric and tensile strength properties, along with excellent elastic recovery.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced is an alternative to solvent based and moisture curing polyurethane membranes for areas exposed to permanently wet conditions and offers outstanding low water vapour transmission properties.
Suitable for internal and external wet areas, enabling the direct fix of ceramic tiles, screeds, and renders over the dried membrane without bonding issues that solvent based polyurethane membranes present.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced offers excellent adhesion properties over most primed building substrates.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced also offers the distinct advantage of being able to be flood tested after 48 hours of curing (at 23oC / 50% RH).


  • Wet areas
  • Under tile
  • Under screeds
  • Balconies / roof tops
  • *48 hour flood test


Emer- Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced replaced Emer-Proof Eco Seal

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