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Dekguard Elastic

Dekguard Elastic

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Crack-accommodating elastomeric, pigmented acrylic, chloride ion and carbonation protective coating for concrete and masonry.

The Dekguard Elastic system comprises a single component penetrating silane-siloxane primer and a single component elastomeric pigmented coating, both ready for immediate site use. The film-forming, stabilising primer (Nitoprime DG) is reactive and capable of producing a chemically-bound hydrophobic barrier, thus inhibiting the passage of water and water-borne contaminants. A thin surface film is produced which consolidates and stabilises porous substrates.Dekguard Elastic is an elastomeric, water based protective coating based on a special acrylic polymer. It provides excellent elongation and recovery, low dirt pick-up, resistance to aggressive elements, UV light and rain.

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