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How to get started - No obligation quote

Planning your project is really important and a little bit of research and preparation will go a long way to help you get the best outcome. Here are some tips to help you deliver a successful decorative concrete project:

Research & learn

  • Consider your environment and needs to help select the right application, style and colours for you.
  • Look around your area, if you like someone’s driveway, consider asking them about the contractor and the finish.

Ready to go

  • Call or email several contractors in your area. Note response times. Contact your local Parchem Trade Store or Sales office for a list of contractors in your area. Ph: 1300 737 787

Get written estimates

  • Consider timeliness and thoroughness of quotes. Discuss any special situations or requirements about you project.

Compare “apples to apples”

  • Verify application procedures. Start dates and job duration. Verify all inclusions or omissions.

Practice diligence

  • Check references, licensing and insurance.

Sign the contract

  • No verbal agreements. Include payment schedule. Double check patterns and colours.

Pay on time

  • Per the agreed payment schedule.