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Emer-Proof 750
High performance, tough, flexible, polyurethane waterproofing membrane for internal and external non-exposed areas.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Advanced
Highly flexible Class III, polyurethane waterproofing membrane

Emer-Proof Top Coat Extended Wear
Solvent free aliphatic polyurethane clear sealer

Emer-Proof Primer Porous
Latex primer

Emer-Proof Non-Porous Primer
Water-based primer for non-porous substrates

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Quick Dry
Water based, flexible two component, polymer modified cementitious waterproofing membrane

Emer-Proof Top Coat UV Protect
Water based acrylic hybrid top coat for UV exposed applications

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Landscape
High performance water based rubberised bitumen waterproofing membrane

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Undertile
A fibre enhanced single component water based latex membrane that has been designed for a range of waterproofing applications where the membrane is to be covered over with tiles, screeds, concrete beds.

Emer-Proof Aqua Barrier Vapour Control
Water borne epoxy membrane and barrier for porous surfaces.

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