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Avista Concrete Sealer General Purpose
Clear semi gloss general purpose concrete protective sealer

Avista Concrete Sealer Waterbased
Waterbased sealer for internal and external applications

Avista Concrete Sealer Extended Wear
Semi gloss film to protect stamped and stencil concrete and resurfacing systems

Avista Concrete Sealer Matt
Avista Matt Sealer used with stamped and stencil concrete and resurfacing systems

Avista Polyurethane Sealer
Single pack, high performance, moisture curing polyurethane concrete sealer.

Avista Concrete Sealer Tintable Base
Protective coloured sealer for stamp, stencil and most concrete surfaces.

Avista Waterbased Colour Tint
Waterbased colour pigment

Avista Concrete Sealer Primer
Clear primer for solvent based concrete sealers

Avista Concrete Sealer Tyre Mark Remover
Aromatic hydrocarbon solvent

Avista Solvent
General purpose solvent

Avista Concrete Sealer Slip Reducing Additive
Fine white slip reducing granules

Clear Base Sealer
Base component for coloured sealers for stamp, stencil and most concrete surfaces

Colour-Thru Exterior Coloured Sealer
Pre-tinted coloured concrete sealer for use on external concrete surfaces

Intatone Colour Stain
Intatone Colour Stain is used within the resurfacing system as a secondary colour stain.

Lustreseal Extended Wear Plus
Clear glossy film to protect Stampcrete, Stencil and Covacrete

Lustreseal Matt Finish Sealer
Clear matt finish concrete protective sealer

Lustreseal Waterbased Acrylic Sealer
Waterbased sealer for concrete esurfaces

Sealer Prep (Tyre Mark Remover)
Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvent for dilution and activation of existing sealers.

Cleaner and dilutant.

Avista Concrete Sealer Stripper
Coating removal stripper.

Avista Slip Reducing Additive Crushed Glass
Coarse granulated anti slip additive.

Avista Concrete Sealer 2 Pack Urethane
High gloss clear 2 part concrete sealer

Avista Concrete Sealer Exposed Aggregate
Protective clear sealer for exposed aggregate surfaces

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