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Selleys Butyl Mastic

Selleys Butyl Mastic

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Butyl Mastic is a synthetic resin, butyl rubber based mastic which forms a smooth tough skin, but remains permanently plastic underneath.

Having excellent adhesion to timber, glass, concrete, masonry, aluminium, steel and marble, Selleys Butyl Mastic is a versatile sealant for joint movement not exceeding ±8%. Selleys Butyl Mastic is available in 3 colours – White (off-white colour), Black and Grey.

Applications for Butyl Mastic include:

  • Sealing aluminium windows to masonry
  • Sealing joints between pre-cast concrete panels or porcelain enamelled panels
  • Sealing edges of all types of wallboards or wherever a permanent waterproof seal is required
  • Sealing lap joints between metal applications with the inclusion of fasteners
  • It is ideal for dustproofing cars, trucks, caravans, boats, etc. and is suitable for sealing cracks and gaps around brickwork, roofing, cladding, etc.

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