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Vandex Uni-Mortar 1-Z

Vandex Uni-Mortar 1-Z

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Cement based reprofiling and waterproofing repair mortar - (6 mm to 12 mm thickness).

Primarily used for the reprofiling of new and old concrete and masonry surfaces prior to the application of Vandex BB75-Z. Uni Mortar 1-Z is also suitable for use on its own as a waterproofing layer.

Uni Mortar 1-Z can be used on most masonry surfaces, including sandstone, provided that the surfaces are adequately prepared. It is ideal for application in sewerage environments. It can be applied to either the pressure or non-pressure faces of the concrete or masonry.

Ideal for reprofiling the inside walls of sewerage processing tanks where acid attack has caused some loss of the original concrete.

Other applications include; swimming pools, water storage tanks, and any masonry surface requiring the reprofiling of surfaces with depths in the range of 6 -12 mm, prior to the application of Vandex BB75-Z.

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