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Selleys ProSeries Flexiseal

Selleys ProSeries Flexiseal

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Industrial Grade Sealant. ProSeries Flexiseal Sealant is a one component polyurethane that is tough, fast curing and permanently elastic for flexible bonding and sealing.

Selleys ProSeries Flexiseal Sealant has excellent sealing properties, is weatherproof, and suitable for indoor & outdoor applications. It is sandable and paintable when cured. It is available in white, black and grey.

ProSeries Flexiseal Sealant is ideal for sealing expansion and construction joints between common building materials in vertical and horizontal surfaces such as:

  • Joints in precast elements
  • External wall and cladding joints
  • Weatherproofing joints between brickwork, masonry, wood concrete or metal frames
  • Joints in walls, balconies, around window or door frames
  • Joints in bridge and balcony parapets
  • Retaining walls
  • Roofing

For best performance, install backing rod (polyethylene or polyurethane foam rod) in joint to control sealant depth and ensure free movement* of sealant in joints. Remove masking tape before sealant skins.
Sealant must adhere to sides of the joints only and NOT to the back, so that it is free to stretch.
Priming: ProSeries Flexiseal Sealant is generally has good adhesion properties without priming to common building materials indicated. Pre-test to ensure adhesion is suitable.

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