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Renderoc ST 06

Renderoc ST 06

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Surface repair polymer modified protective cementitious mortar for applications up to 5mm.


Renderoc ST 06 is suitable for reinstatement of effective concrete cover on precast and in-situ reinforced concrete making it a solution for rectifying low concrete cover. Suitable as a protective surface cementitious mortar for applications from 0.5mm to 5mm deep conforming to requirements of EN1504-3 Class R3.

Product functions as a barrier protecting concrete from the ingress of water, chloride ions, carbon dioxide etc from atmosphere.
Low permeability to potentially damaging water, CO2 and chloride ions.


  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Suitable for vertical, over-head and horizontal applications
  • Meets EN1504 Class R3 requirement
  • Excellent bond to SSD (saturated surface dry) concrete substrates - There is no need of primer unless the substrate is determined as porous by the site engineer
  • Suitable as a blow hole filler, up to 5mm deep
  • Low permeability to potentially damaging water, CO2 and chloride ions
  • Excellent thermal compatibility with concrete

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