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New Renderoc LA55 Plus

New Renderoc LA55 Plus

2nd May 2017

Fosroc Renderoc LA55 Plus is a high performance, high strength, environmental friendly fluid micro-concrete suitable for deep pour structural concrete repairs. Due to its high resistivity, low drying shrinkage and excellent chloride diffusion resistance, it is ideal for reinstatement of new structures with high service life requirement. Renderoc LA55 Plus is also suitable for non-galvanic repairs.

Materials need to be practical to use in difficult locations and achieve good compaction around the reinforcing steel without any external aid such as vibration. The finished repair must provide protection against corrosive agents such as chlorides and carbon dioxide and must be shrinkage compensated to reduce the risk of cracking.

If a conventional mix of high strength concrete is used for replacement, small gaps can occur under the reinforcement steel either through poor compaction or settlement providing ideal site to initiate corrosion.  Renderoc LA55 Plus is exceptionally fluid that completely eliminates this problem. It has compressive strength of ≥75 MPa. The unique formulation of Renderoc LA55 Plus is based on supplementary cement materials making it environmental friendly, sustainable with lower carbon footprint.

Because of its outstanding adhesion property, a bonding agent is not normally required. The formulation of Renderoc LA55 Plus is such that it far exceeds the performance of a site batched design mix and to ensure consistent quality it is factory made and pre-bagged in manageable 20 kg bags so it is simple and practical to use at site. The content of each bag is simply added to the measured amount of water and mixed to uniform fluid consistency that can be pumped or poured into the formwork.



The below demonstration model clearly shows the unique fluidity of Renderoc LA55 Plus and its self-compacting properties result in complete consolidation around the reinforcing steel.


The Renderoc LA55 Plus is smooth surfaced, well bonded and matches the existing concrete structure. It is strong,durable and sustainable and would protect the reinforcement from environmental attack in the repaired areas. But in order to maintain the integrity of the total structure the original concrete needs extra protection. This is achieved by preparing the substrate and applying a primer and top coat of Dekguard system to the whole structure. This not only protects the structure but also enhances its appearance.

The exceptional application and physical characteristics make Renderoc LA55 Plus a highly versatile product with a wide range of applications. Renderoc LA55 Plus is ideal for structural strengthening of columns, beams and other structural elements using reinforced concrete enlargement system

From viaducts to jetties. From motorways to architectural structures. From industrial complexes to high-rise buildings – the unique formulation of Renderoc LA55 Plus result in lower carbon footprint, structural strength, outstanding bond, low chloride and carbon dioxide diffusion, high resistance to chemicals and extremes of weathering – providing a durable lasting repair.

Benefits to Owners, Designers, Contractors and Installers:

Environmental friendly –  The use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) makes Renderoc LA55 Plus environmental friendly and sustainable product with lower carbon footprint.

Enhanced durability and service life – Renderoc LA55 Plus is ideal for rectification of new construction concrete defect repairs. Renderoc LA55 Plus meets the RMS B80 specifications of durability. Chloride diffusion and drying shrinkage of a repair mortar are the main drivers of durability. Renderoc LA55 Plus exhibits excellent dimensional stability with minimum drying shrinkage.

Structural strengthening - Ideal for strengthening of columns, beams and retaining walls using reinforced concrete enlargement system when the project involves change of use and alteration to structure

Saves time and money – It eliminates extra steps of additional section pours. Improves site productivity due to large volume applications. The new Renderoc LA55 Plus is suitable for structural repairs that can be applied in sections from 50mm to 500mm.

To learn more please visit the Renderoc LA55 Plus product page.