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Increase Joint Sealant Productivity This Winter

Increase Joint Sealant Productivity This Winter

2nd May 2017

In construction it's pretty clear that time is of the essence. Programs are invariably tight and the job always needs to be done yesterday. As we move into the colder months, this problem certainly effects joint sealant application, both internally and externally, from floors to facades.

In general, the colder the temperature, the longer a standard polyurethane or silicone sealant takes to be installed by a hand via a sealant gun.

Typically, it takes at 8 to 12 seconds to gun out 20 grams of sealant at 25C, based on a 6.3mm gun nozzle, at 40 psi, however at 5C, this time can increase by a factor of 4, slowing the job down and seriously affecting productivity, purely due to the nature of the sealant technology.

Imagine being three times or more as productive either at 25C or 5C. The Fosroc Duraflex range brings this productivity increase to life.

Duraflex is an innovative, internal and external joint sealant designed for movement or static joints.  With two grades to select, Duraflex can solve challenges of high movement requirement in facades and general construction, whereas Duraflex FC offers high strength when the challenge is foot trafficable applications.

The Duraflex range uses Silyl Modified Polymer Technology (SMP) which offers significant advantages over standard polyurethane and silicone. These include:

  • Improved Productivity; Duraflex provides in built application advantages, especially at lower temperatures. It has a fast and consistent cure rate, once again a real advantage at colder temperatures and massive improvement on standard technology. It does not require a primer, resulting in less labour and material cost and will adhere to concrete, masonry, timber and ceramics.  Finally, it has a blister-free cure, even on damp substrates. With less restrain during gunning, the finish is far more consistent and smoother than existing polyurethanes.
  • Excellent Durability; Duraflex doesn't just increase productivity, it has superior UV resistance and weatherability compared to polyurethane. It remains, permanently flexible and has a non-staining formulation. In addition, Duraflex has high abrasion resistance and tear strength, thus adding value in terms of engineered performance and aesthetics. Duraflex will look better for longer in terms of colour, dirt collection and cracking. Unlike silicone sealants, Duraflex provides excellent paintability and can be coated after it has initially skinned.
  • Superior Technology; The use of hybrid technology brings advantages over more traditional sealants. Duraflex has been locally formulated and is manufactured in Australia with local conditions in mind. It is solvent-free, Isocyanate-free, low VOC and low odour.

So, if you want a faster installation with greater all round performance, durability and protection, let the Duraflex range seal it for you.