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New Fosroc Nitofill Products

New Fosroc Nitofill Products

2nd May 2017

Two new polyurethane resin injection products have been launched for the Australia and New Zealand markets, extending the Nitofill range:

Fosroc Nitofill PU130 - Hydrophobic polyurethane semi-flexible grout for leak sealing in large cracks and voids

Fosroc Nitofill PU150 – Hydrophilic flexible polyurethane grout for sealing leaks in cracks and joints

The launch of these Nitofill products demonstrates Parchem’s ongoing commitment to delivering the best solutions to the industry.

“Water leak is the major cause of early onset of corrosion and concrete deterioration. Leaking water in reinforced concrete acts as a perfect electrolyte that is one of the basic elements for corrosion to occur. Due to leakages, the structural integrity of basements and other reinforced concrete structures is seriously compromised, as the chloride content of the concrete rises above the threshold level resulting in severe corrosion problems. Our two new hydrophilic (Nitofill PU150) and hydrophobic (Nitofill PU130) polyurethane injection resins address the problems of leakages in reinforced concrete structures by eliminating the leaks” – Hamid Khan, Product Segment Manager Repairs and Grouts, Parchem.

Nitofill PU150 is a multi-purpose hydrophilic polyurethane injection resin designed to seal leaking cracks, voids or fractures in concrete structures. The single component system reacts with water to form foam that expands filling the void and forming a tight, impermeable elastomeric seal, stopping the water flow. This hydrophilic formulation contains no TDI or solvents. Nitofill PU150 complies to AS/NZS 4020:2005 to be used in potable water structures.

Nitofill PU130 is a multi-purpose hydrophobic polyurethane injection resin used to seal leaking cracks, failed joints and to fill voids or fractures in concrete structures. The single component system utilizes an accelerator, Nitofill Accelerator, to adjust the reaction profile as needed for the job.