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New Grout for Deep Pour Applications

2nd May 2017

New Grout for Deep Pour Applications

The new Fosroc Conbextra EP300 DP is a new low exotherm, three-part epoxy grout.

Conbextra EP300 DP is suitable for use in applications where heavy dynamic or mobile loads are encountered. An ultimate compressive strength of 90 MPa and elastic modulus of 16 GPa make it suitable to withstand dynamic loading.

The new grout is particularly well suited to applications where long working time or large volume grouting is required. It can be applied in gap thicknesses from 10mm to 300mm. Low linear shrinkage and thermal expansion make the product suitable for large volume applications. Conbextra EP300 DP offers superior creep resistance and high effective bearing area (EBA).

Conbextra EP300 DP is suitable for applications such as reciprocating machinery, testing equipment, high speed turbines, centrifuges and drop forges. It is also used to encapsulate pile tops and ensure water tightness. The applied product is continuously bonded to the pile surface and prevents water seepage either through capillaries or along the reinforcement path.

Parchem's Technical Manager, Peter Battista said the unique formulation of Conbextra EP300 DP reduces costs, saves time and improves site productivity by reducing the number of section pours required for large applications.


Saves time and money - improved site productivity: Eliminates extra step of additional section pours due to suitability for large volume pours

Doing it right the first time: No failures due to high effective bearing area (EBA), ensuring complete surface contact and bond

Versatility: One product suitable for wide range of gap thicknesses